April 15, 2024

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Intermarket Analysis with Samantha LaDuc

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Key points covered in this podcast

– Why intermarket analysis can be worthwhile for traders

– The market opportunities to look out for this year

– How to avoid the range of mistakes traders make

Samantha LaDuc is a prominent Macro-to-Micro analyst, active trader, and proponent of intermarket analysis, who teaches other traders how to ‘catch’ the good trades at LaDuc Trading.

Aside from her popular Macro-to-Micro Newsletter, she also hosts a live trading room, provides forecasts and helps narrow the focus of traders around equities and options for tactical trade ideas.

In this edition of our podcast Trading Global Markets Decoded, our host Tyler Yell talks to Samantha about intermarket analysis, the cognitive, behavioral, and risk-management mistakes traders make, and the markets that should provide opportunities for the rest of the year. Benefit from our discussion with intermarket analysis expert Samantha LaDuc and listen to the podcast by clicking on the link.


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After Samantha started, grew and sold a small technology company, she turned her attention to trading in 2008. Today, she has a unique perspective on scanning and synthesizing what markets will move, why they are moving, and how to trade them with risk-defined options, and specializes in outliers with velocity–on any timeframe.

How does she maintain such a comprehensive grasp of market developments? Her answer is unequivocal: ‘My children have left home!

‘I’m totally underutilized now. My children were my passion, but now this is too. I have the time and the brainpower to do what I want and this is what I love to do.’

Samantha LaDuc, intermarket analysis expert

Samantha looks to start with understanding macro matters and then drills down into whether the case for bullish or bearish is stronger. ‘How can the market realize there’s a lot of risk that’s not priced in?’ she says. She then looks at the individual components in more granularity; for example, the US dollar. ‘I firmly believe the US dollar makes the weather and the rate of change determines the severity. So I watch the dollar first and foremost.

Next is looking at potential triggers of risk within that asset. ‘I’m interested in the macro economic releases, such as Nonfarm Payrolls for example, these are things that will move the market.

‘I want to have a mindset going into these events so I’ll know better how to react. It’s about how to position and how to react.’

The importance of intermarket analysis

Samantha is also an advocate and practitioner of intermarket analysis, seeking and analyzing more than one related asset class to determine the strength of markets being considered. ‘It’s a combination of divergences and then that underlying asset,’ she says.

‘I’m putting together a story of divergences and I’m waiting for that inflection point where they all converge at the same time. That makes for very powerful moves in the underlying asset.’

Listen to the podcast for more on Samantha’s process, preferable chart patterns, markets, and unique volatility focus, as well as how she runs the gamut of providing insight through a macro, value, sentiment, intermarket and technical analysis.

Check out Samantha’s platforms

Follow Samantha on Twitter using the handle @LaDucTrading & @SamanthaLaDuc, and also her site at LaDuc Trading.


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